“We haven't had our family photos taken in over 6 years, and I'm so glad we chose Heidi & Kevin to capture our crazies in action! I have an entire gallery that shows exactly why I love these people so much.”

"These two beautiful people are enormously talented and are such a joy to be around. Every smile from my boys is because of something funny Kevin said. It probably seems like we get pictures taken a lot, and maybe we do to some people; but these photos have captured the sweetest moment of our lives. Pregnancy, newborns, postpartum depression, sassy toddlers, lack of sleep. These are only a few of the really hard things that have happened over the last 6 years. However, looking at all of these photos reminds us of how good God has been and the bad memories fade away."


"I cannot tell you how talented Heidi is as a photographer, and how fabulous these two professionals are to welcome into your lives. They have been photographing our family for the last nine years and we feel so incredibly lucky to have stumbled across such a gift. If you are looking for someone to capture the essence of people; to somehow stop time and relish the exact moment that a smile hits your face or the sun bounces off your eyelash; and to still have edited images back to you with all of the professionalism you would hope for... then you've found your people."


"Heidi and Kevin we incredible to work with. They photographed a special event that we hosted to introduce our baby girl to our friends & family. During the initial phone conversation I had with Kevin to book their services, I really got the impression that he was genuinely interested in my event and making it special. Kevin kept in touch as the event approached and on the day of and were on time and very professional. They turned our photos around in a reasonable amount of time and the photos are so beautiful. We are thrilled. Kevin and Heidi really captured the sense of joy that we and our guests felt that day. They even went the extra mile to spend extra time with some late arriving guests who would have been devastated to not be included in the photos. We would be delighted to have this duo photograph for us again and again and again!"


“You know just how to melt this mama's heart. You have a gift with the camera and a knack for getting my kids to act completely silly, like their normal selves, on the first try!”